WASAD Congress 2019

Stress, Anxiety and Mental Health
3 – 5 October | Würzburg, Germany

oral presentations

We cordially invite researchers to present their work to fellow researchers and to the general audience.

Oral presentations can be submitted for the following plenary symposia (please check the online scientific program for further information on lecture titles, chairmen and invited speakers):

WASAD Plenary Symposia

1. Imaging of stress-induced brain functional changes

2. (Maternal) Stress and its consequences: from animals to humans

3. Adult ADHD and stress: cause or consequence?

4. Stress and dementia

5. Mapping mechanisms of gene x environment interaction in stress - from endophenotype to disease

6. Stress resilience and vulnerability

7. Clinical targets for stress related and anxiety disorders in children and adolescents

8. Temperament, gene and nutrition in anxiety and related disorders

9. Telemedicine and mobile assessment in stress related disorders

In each of the above mentioned WASAD symposia, 2 slots are reserved for oral presenters except for the symposium (8) where only 1 slot is available.

SFB Plenary Symposia

Anxiety disorders - Prediction, prevention and personalized therapy

New insights into (dys-) regulation of fear and anxiety in rodents 

How anxiety modulates attention

Individual differences in fear and anxiety

Neural dynamics of aversive learning

In each of the above mentioned SFB symposia, 1 slot is reserved for oral presenters.

General remarks

Oral presenters will be allocated 15 minutes for their presentation and 5 minutes for questions and answers with the audience.

Submitted oral presentations will be evaluated by the congress committees and the chairmen of the symposium for which a presentation is submitted.

Authors will be informed on the acceptance of their proposal for an oral presentation until June 30, 2019.