WASAD Congress 2019

Stress, Anxiety and Mental Health
3 – 5 October | Würzburg, Germany


Congress Presidents

H.C. Pape, Germany
A.J. Fallgatter, Germany

President WASAD

P. Riederer, Germany

Local organizing committee

Chair: M. Gamer and P. Riederer
J. Deckert, Germany
M. Gamer, Germany 
P. Pauli, Germany
P. Riederer, Germany
M. Romanos, Germany

Scientific Committees

H.C. Pape, Germany
A.J. Fallgatter, Germany

Scientific Committee WASAD

E. Binder, Germany, A.J. Fallgatter, Germany,  J. Fayyad(†), Beirut, C. Jacob, Germany, J. Li, China, H. Ozawa, Japan, A. Reif, Germany, T. Renner, Germany, P. Riederer, Germany, E. Seifritz, Switzerland, S. Walitza, Switzerland

Scientific Committee SFB-TRR 58

C. Büchel, Germany, U. Dannlowski, Germany, K. Domschke, Germany, J. Haaker, Germany, C. Heim, Germany, M. Gamer, Germany, K. Jüngling, Germany, H.C. Pape, Germany, P. Pauli, Germany